The study guide for week 2.

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WEEK TWO - Salvation thru Judgment

Read Genesis 6:14 – 7:10.

What was God’s Judgment and what was the sentence, the penalty?

Watch this clip from Beyond Is Genesis History: “Why is the Flood Important to the Doctrine of Judgment?” (2 Minutes 44 Seconds)

What impacts does it have to your understanding of the future judgment if there is no past judgment, if the flood was just an allegory or poetry?

Why was Noah saved?

Why was he spared from the sentence?

How could Noah have gotten all the animals on the ark?

Watch this video “Noah’s Ark and the Flood with Dr. Georgia Purdom” starting at 16:20. You can stop at 30 minutes into the video (or keep watching if you like).

What explanations does Dr. Georgia Purdom present for how Noah could have gotten all of the animals on the ark?

How many clean animals were to be taken on the ark, compared to the number of unclean animals – Genesis 7:2-3? (Think: Why would God say to take more clean animals than unclean animals?

To answer this, consider the difference between clean and unclean animals.)

Name two qualities Noah had that were essential to his salvation, then show how we too must have these same qualities (Genesis 6:22 & Hebrews 11:7).