The study guide for week 3.

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WEEK THREE - Evidence of a Global Catastrophe

Read Genesis 7:11-24.

If Genesis is to be read as poetry or myth, then why are the dates and times given so specific in Genesis 7:11? (600 years, 2nd month, 17th day)

What information is given that tells how high the water got in Genesis 7:17-20?

Could Mt Everest have been covered by the flood if Mt Everest was in its current location during the flood?

What does this suggest about the flood then?

Listen to this audio clip of Ken Ham: (1 minute 32 seconds)

What happened to all the people and animals not on the ark – Genesis 7:21-23?

Read this brief article with 6 Evidences for a Global Flood. (There are links with deeper articles about each section if you desire to learn more.)

How many details does the Bible give us in Genesis 6-8 for determining how the flood actually occurred?

Considering the scant information on the mechanism for the flood, is it possible to have an exact answer for how it occurred?

If you want to read one proposal to explain the method the catastrophe could have used, read this article “Catastrophic Plate Tectonics: A Global Flood Model of Earth History” by Dr. Steve Austin, Dr. John Baumgardner, Dr. Russell Humphreys, Dr. Andrew A. Snelling, Dr. Larry Vardiman, and Kurt P. Wise.

If you are involving your kids in this study (and I hope you are) then this video on RightNow Media “AWESOME SCIENCE - EXPLORE GLACIER NATIONAL PARK” (41 Minutes, make popcorn and watch it together).

In this episode, Noah travels to northwestern Montana to explore the amazing sites and geology at Glacier National Park. He researches evidence for this area being created and eroded quickly by the effects of the global Flood. He'll share why the Flood provided the right mechanisms to cause the Ice Age and how the end of the Ice Age provides the right conditions for the massive extinctions of mammals like the woolly mammoths.

Here is another interesting lecture on Sedimentology of the Flood by Dr. Kurt Wise: (90 Minutes)

Here is another article called Catastrophic Plate Tectonics: A Global Flood Model of Earth History.