The study guide for week 4.

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WEEK FOUR - Post Flood Earth

Read Genesis 8:1 – 9:17.

Was it only from the wind that the land started to dry up or was there more?

Read Genesis 8:1-2 again.

When and where did the ark come to rest?

Read Genesis 8:4 again.

Many people have searched on Mt. Ararat for the Ark.

Read this short article for an explanation why it is unlikely that it will be found on Mt Ararat itself.

When could the mountains first be seen?

Read Genesis 8:5.

How much longer did Noah and the animals stay on the Ark?

What did God say the animals were supposed to do?

What is the first thing we are told that Noah did after leaving the ark?

Read Genesis 8:20.

What promise did God make to Noah at that time?

Read Genesis 8:21-22.

What responsibility were Noah and his sons given?

Read Genesis 9:1.

What kinds of food were men instructed to eat?

What were they not to eat?

Read Genesis 9:2-4 again.

(Think: What does this teach about the idea that it is morally wrong to eat meat?)

What are we forbidden to kill and what reason is given why this is different from killing animals in Genesis 9:5-6?

What punishment was decreed for the kind of killing that God forbade?

With whom did God make a covenant in Genesis 9:8- 11?

What was the covenant?

What is the sign of the covenant in Genesis 9:12-17? (Think: Did God promise He would never destroy the earth at all? If not, what has He said about the future destruction of the earth?)