Our newest series - Origins.

WEEK SEVEN - The Fall And Its Implications

Read Genesis 3.

What animal was used to tempt Eve, and how is that animal described?

What question did this animal ask Eve, and how did Eve respond? (Think: Could Eve’s sin be excused on the basis of ignorance?)

What did the serpent say would and would not happen if Eve ate the fruit? (Think: Why would this appeal to a human?)

In what three ways did the fruit appeal to Eve?

What did Adam and Eve realize when they had eaten the fruit? What did they do?

What does the Bible teach about nakedness and inadequate clothing? Use other Bible references in your answer. (Think: What can we learn from the fact that the people were still “naked” when wearing the fig leaf coverings?)

What did Adam say when God asked him about his sin, and what did the woman say when God asked her? (Think: What lessons can we learn from this about blame shifting?)

What punishment did God bring on the serpent? Explain.

Describe the punishments the woman received as a result of her sin.

Have you ever been there when your cat, dog, horse, or cow gave birth? Do they seem to experience the same level of pain as women do during their labor?

Describe the punishments the man would receive.

What else was cursed besides the man, the woman, and the serpent?

How did God clothe the man and woman?

What does this teach about God’s attitude toward adequate clothing – reference verse 7?

What does this tell us about the use of animals?

Read Romans 5:12-1418-21.

Does the Apostle Paul treat Adam as a real physical person?

What happens to the Gospel message if we try to treat the Genesis story as an allegory?

How can you have eternal life?